Welcome to Social Work Intern Katie Galle

October 1, 2010
Town Hall Meetings
November 1, 2010

Katie is in her last semester at SEMO State University majoring in Social Work. She has chosen to spend her last semester as an intern with the Community Caring Council.  The Council is very pleased to have this opportunity to share the work of our agency with a student.  As always, treat we are learning from each other, doctor and hope that Katie’s experiences in our office will make a difference in her future as a social worker.

Katie will be working with me at the macro (community) level, going to lots of meetings, learning how to relate to community partners and how community-level work does impact individual clients eventually.  Katie will also be working with our case managers Jaime Ludwig and Natalie Sandoval at the micro (individual client) level.  She will be meeting with our walk-in clients, assessing their needs and developing a service plan to meet those needs.  We will definitely keep Katie busy!  Many of you will be hearing from Katie during this semester.

A word from Katie…

“Hi, my name is Katie Galle. I am originally from Marissa, IL. It is very small, consisting of only 2,000 people. I decided to attend Southeast Missouri State University because I thought the school was reasonably priced, the campus was beautiful, and they offered me a scholarship. I was also attracted to the city of Cape Girardeau. It was not too large, but yet it has a lot to offer in reference to recreation and job opportunities.

I chose to pursue a career in social work because I am a compassionate person and I really want to help people. I know that there are a lot of people in this world who are struggling to get their needs met, and I would like to assist them to make their life more tolerable. The thing I love most about social work is getting the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. It could be something as simple as making a referral to a food pantry. However, to that individual it could mean that their child gets to eat dinner. I love knowing that my work will make a difference.

My dream job would be working as a high school social worker because I really enjoy interacting with adolescents and I feel like they have a lot to cope with and need someone who will be non-judgmental to talk to.”