Welcome to Social Work Intern Laurie Hanor

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December 1, 2010
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February 1, 2011

Laurie is in her last semester at SEMO State University majoring in Social Work. She has chosen to spend her last semester as an intern with the Community Caring Council.  The Council is very pleased to have this opportunity to share the work of our agency with a student.  As always, buy we are learning from each other, and hope that Laurie’s experiences in our office will make a difference in her future as a social worker.

Laurie will be working with me at the macro (community) level, attending community meetings, learning how to relate to community partners and how community-level work does impact individual clients eventually.  She will also be working with Case Manager Natalie Sandoval at the micro (individual client) level.  She will be meeting with our walk-in clients, assessing their needs and developing a service plan to meet those needs.  We will definitely keep Laurie busy!  Many of you will be hearing from Laurie during this semester.

A word from Laurie…

“Hi, my name is Laurie Hanor.  I am 21 years old and originally from East Prairie, MO.  I moved to Cape 2 years ago in order to pursue a degree in Social Work.  I chose to further my education at Southeast Missouri State University since it is close to home and I am familiar with the area.

I chose to become a social worker because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others.  When deciding on a career, I found none that could compare with the compassionate and helping nature of social work. I also felt that Social Work would provide me with a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment since it would allow me to improve the lives of oppressed and vulnerable individuals.   Upon graduation, I would like to work either in my hometown of East Prairie or in the Sikeston area.  I also intend on obtaining my Masters degree in Social Work in order to gain more knowledge about the profession and to broaden my career opportunities.  As an intern at the Community Caring Council, I am hoping to gain more confidence in my ability to work with clients as well as the public in resolving issues that they and the community may be facing.  Also, I would like to leave this internship having built many connections to individuals in agencies throughout the area.

My ideal job would be in a school or hospital setting.  Becoming a school social worker would allow me to work with children and adolescents which are both age groups that I enjoy interacting with.   I would also love to work in a hospital because of its fast-paced nature and often exciting environment.”