22nd Annual Community Caring Conference

SEMO Youth Subtance Abuse Prevention Coalition
February 1, 2011
Building Strong Families
March 4, 2011

MARK YOUR CALENDARS for Friday, site March 18, 2011!  That’s the date for our 2011 Annual Caring Conference.  The location will be Glen Auditorium at Dempster Hall on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University.  Click here for more information and for our online Conference Registration.

Our focus this year is the 40 Developmental Assets.  Many of you may remember our conference in March 2006 when we launched our community-wide THRIVE Initiative.  The “40 assets” were introduced as well as the results of youth asset surveys from Cape Central Jr. High and from Jackson Middle School and Jr. High School.   It was found that Cape County youth reported having 22 of the 40 assets, which was very close to the national average of 21.6 at that time.

Since that time the Community Caring Council and United Way of Southeast Missouri have supported a full time position for Asset Coordinator Stacy Taylor.  She is an employee of the Community Caring Council and is housed here at 937 Broadway, Suite 306.

Since 2006, many Cape County schools have supported the assets in various ways – Cape and Jackson Public Schools have THRIVE Student Advisory groups, St. Vincent de Paul offers a anti-bullying reading program, several asset trainings (including Change of Heart) have been give at schools and to the community-at-large.

We are proud to announce that two key note speakers will be sharing the limelight on March 18. Clifton Taulbert, author of the bestselling memoir, Once Upon A Time When We Were Colored and the Pulitzer-nominated Last Train North.  He embraces and promotes leadership, diversity, mentoring, commitment and collaboration.  Jim Conway is a Search Institute speaker and previously presented to educators from Cape and Jackson Schools.  His message is grounded in research and in his frontline work with youth.

Join us and become a member of our THRIVE TEAM!  Peter Benson, (Director of Search Institute) states, “If you’re breathing, you’re on the team.”  I know all of you are breathing, so you’re on our team to positively influence the youth in our community.

Please contact Stacy Taylor at 651-3747 x 118 if you any immediate questions.