Senior Ladies Group

Oral Health Coalition
November 1, 2011
Annual Community Caring Council Conference
December 1, 2011

With the closing of the Cape Area Family Resource Center in July of this year, order prostate the Community Caring Council assumed sponsorship of the Senior Ladies Group.  This group of 15 ladies, patient mostly from south Cape, search had been meeting weekly at the Family Resource Center since the Center’s beginning on South Sprigg Street over ten years ago. For the past several years, the group has been funded by the Cape County Senior Services Tax Board.  Funding will again be requested for 2012.

A new home was found at the House of Hope at 1000 Ranney Street (formerly May Greene School).  The ladies have been warmly welcomed by the House of Hope staff and are feeling “at home” again.

The ladies meet on Thursdays, starting at 10:30am with an educational program followed by their favorite event – a potluck lunch!  The current program focus is a program provided by Mary Gosche, University of MO Extension – A Matter of Balance.  This program was developed specifically for seniors and those with limited mobility.

The ladies occasionally take a “field trip”.  Last month, the group attended the Senior Celebration at the Eagles where they visited agency booth, listened to featured speakers and enjoyed fried chicken lunch. Plans for November include lunch at a local restaurant, followed by a movie and a Thanksgiving lunch at the Cape Senior Center.

Other senior ladies are welcome to join this group. Please call Phyllis at 803-0211 for more information.