Welcome to Social Work Intern Tanya Bittner

Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition
January 1, 2012
Community Caring Council’s Annual Conference
February 1, 2012

Tanya is in her last semester at SEMO State University majoring in Social Work. She has chosen to spend her last semester as an intern with the Community Caring Council.  The Council is always pleased to have this opportunity to share the work of our agency with future social workers.  As always, ambulance we are learning from each other, thumb and hope that Tanya’s experiences in our office will make a difference in her future as a social worker.

Tanya will be working with me at the macro (community) level, physician attending community meetings, learning how to relate to community partners and how community-level work does impact individual clients eventually.  She will also be working with Housing Case Manager Natalie Sandoval and with Community Case Manager Jaime Ludwig at the micro (individual client) level.  Tanya will be meeting with our walk-in clients, assessing their needs and developing a service plan to meet those needs.  We will definitely keep her busy!  Many of you will be meeting and working with Tanya this semester.

A word from Tanya….

Hi, my name is Tanya Bittner.  I am a non-traditional student originally from Kirkwood, MO.   I have three children and I am married to a food broker.  I moved to Cape Girardeau to pursue a degree in social work.  I chose social work so that I could make a difference in the lives of others.  I have witnessed oppression of vulnerable populations and that is another reason I am glad that I have chosen the field of social work.

As an intern at Community Caring Council, I am excited to put the knowledge I have learned at Southeast Missouri State University to work.  I hope to build community contacts and develop long term working relations within the area.

Upon completing my internship, I plan to attend Saint Louis University master degree social work program in Cape Girardeau.