Caring and Sharing: Kudos to SEMO University

Don’t count the numbers, make the numbers count!
June 11, 2017
2017 THRIVE Conference
June 25, 2017

For eleven years, the Community Caring Council’s Family Transition Team has counted on the Office of Residence Life at the University to help meet the unmet needs of individuals and families in the Cape Girardeau area.
Since the end of spring semester in 2007, University students have been participating in the DON’T DUMP, DONATE! Initiative by donating items from their dorm rooms that no longer need or want, as they leave for the summer break.
A row of empty cardboard boxes is placed in each residence hall on campus, encouraging students to donate clothes, books, shoes, non-perishable food items, lamps, household items, electronics and yes, even furniture and refrigerators. This year, the items collected filled three 17-foot box trucks.
The items are then collected with help from DYS (Division of Youth Services) youth and transported with help from The Salvation Army to the Boy Scout Activity Center across from the First Presbyterian Church at 232 Broadway in Cape. The Items are sorted and readied for selling at one of the largest Garage Sales in the community. Most items are sold for under $1.00, giving many residents the opportunity to purchase items needed for their families at a very low cost.
This year, the sale brought in just over $2400!! That money will soon find its way back into the community, assisting with various unmet needs such as doctor visits, medical equipment and prescriptions, rental assistance, car repairs, eye glasses, work clothes/shoes and more.
Many thanks to Chris Miller, the Office of Residence Life, the residence hall directors, The Salvation Army, Girardot Center youth, First Presbyterian Church and Boy Scout Troop 4 who made this initiative successful for 2017!

WIN! for the university with need for less dumpsters on campus!
WIN! for the students who contribute to a good cause!
WIN! for those in need of very inexpensive clothes, shoes, household items and more
WIN! for the Community Caring Council and the Family Transition Team as more assistance can be provided!


-Kay Azuma, Community Coordinator