Some Familes Just Stick With You

July 25, 2017
Coming soon! Building Strong Families
August 18, 2017

This week has been busy as usual for the Community Caring Council. I have worked in the social services field since 2013 and I have learned that some people/families just stick with you. As a Housing Case Manager for the Caring Council, I work with individuals who are either homeless or facing homelessness. This week has been a bit rejuvenating for me as I am now working with one of those clients I know I won’t forget.
I received a referral from a Missouri Children’s Division Case Worker out of Bollinger County. It was for a gentleman and his two children that are facing imminent homelessness. The mother has lost her parental rights so the gentleman is having to be a single father. He currently does not have any income but has been actively seeking employment. The Children’s Division Case Worker reached out to the Council in hopes of housing the gentleman. She explained that the father has been working hard and complying with Children’s Division, whole heartedly. She also says that she will be forced to remove the children from his custody if they become homeless and in the streets. She has advocated fiercely for her client, and it has truly touched me. With the family living in Bollinger County, with no transportation, I have been trying to complete all steps involved over the phone and via fax. Hopefully, by the 1st of August, working collaboratively with Children’s Division, this family will have a home and father should start work, shortly thereafter. It is stories like these that remind me, why I love being a part of the Community Caring Council.
-Carrie Mott, Housing Case Manager