Solar Eclipse 2017

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August 18, 2017
It’s Souptember!
September 8, 2017

Like millions of other Americans, the Community Caring Council took part in Solar Eclipse 2017.
Community Caring Council invited several groups from Division of Youth Services (DYS) from around the region for a Solar Eclipse celebration. Approximately 50 youth from Cape Girardeau, New Madrid, and Poplar Bluff were in attendance. Staff, family, and friends also joined in on the festivities.
My day started at Girardot Center, one of the DYS facilities, where I assisted the youth in making homemade moon pies. We used vanilla wafers, marshmallow cream, and melted chocolate. They were extremely messy to make but were delicious! The youth had a lot of fun making them and of course sampling them before all the other groups.
We then headed to Shawnee Park to meet the other groups for games and activities before the eclipse started. All staff and youth were sporting solar eclipse glasses to safely view the event.
As the temperature dropped and the sun faded behind the moon everyone became excited for the moment of complete totality. At 1:20pm staff shouted, “Get ready here it comes.” Everyone put on their glasses and looked up at the remarkable sky. Aside from the sun’s corona surrounding the moon, we noticed the beautiful sunset behind us, the crickets chirping, and the cool breeze. In those brief moments everyone was silent and in awe of nature’s beauty.
It truly was a momentous occasion.
-Taylor Lauer, Youth Specialist