It’s That Time of Year Again

Come on out to our Flannel & Frost and our Jingle & Mingle!
December 1, 2017
Fire & Ice Gala
December 14, 2017

It’s the time of year where we start seeing heartwarming movies on television reminding us what the season is really about. Although these movies can move some to tears, experiencing real life obstacles can be quite different.

Recently, the Community Caring Council was able to help a client & their family with their real-life situation. The family consists of mom, dad, and their child who’s under 10 years old. Mom works full time at a local business & Dad is a U.S. Army Reserve veteran.

While serving our country, the dad was a medic & had been on tour for most of 2016. He’s been home for about a year & has struggled to maintain work since returning. Currently, he’s receiving services through the VA for what could be PTSD, a common diagnosis in our veterans returning home. It’s been so tough for him that he’s personally struggled with suicide & is out of the home receiving the help that he needs to rejoin the family.

Unfortunately, the journey to recovery places him out of the home and with no income to help provide for the family. The burden this places on his wife and son can be extremely stressful and overwhelming. Mom was struggling to come up with the remaining $200 of their current rent & was worried that she’d not be able to make the rental payment.

Mom reached out to us for help and thankfully, the Family Transition Team was able to help relieve that burden for her and her child. She’s also been referred to our Community Case Manager for ongoing programs & assistance for the entire family. In working with this client, right here in our own community it really helps to put some things into perspective. Movies are great but somehow, they cannot compare to the reality that some of our members in our very own community face every day. Life, unlike movies, can’t be fixed in a couple of hours.

We’re grateful that we’re able to help those in our area, not just in the moment but being able to offer ongoing services to help empower those in our community to their own success and self-sufficiency; that’s why we’re here! With the weather turning colder, and bills being higher, please don’t forget about those struggling right here in own community.