THRIVE Initiative


Teach. Hope. Reach. Involve. Value. Encourage

THRIVE is a local youth development initiative based on Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets framework. Youth success is like a puzzle. Some of the pieces of the puzzles come from relationships and opportunities in each youth’s community, neighborhood, school, and family. The other pieces come from the skills and values that youth develop inside of themselves.

It would be ideal for every youth to have all 40 of these assets, but most you have about 21. Youth with a higher number of assets are likely to make good grades, be in leadership roles, and make healthy lifestyle choices. Youth fewer assets are more likely to be engaged in risky behaviors, like drug and alcohol use, violent behaviors, and early sexual encounters.

To help increase the number of assets our local youth possess, THRIVE works with a variety of young people. Our main goal when working with youth is to empower and encourage them to make a difference in their homes, their school, or in the community, and to develop their life and social skills.

We also provide asset-based training for adults, including parents, teachers, and youth serving organizations, as well as people from other sectors in the community who have an interest in youth. These training opportunities help adults understand the 40 Developmental Asset Framework and how each person plays a role in building assets for the youth in their lives.